Our Approach

To ensure the most appropriate solution for each business problem, ProMobile BI has developed a robust and  systematic analysis and phased design approach that we apply to each project.

Throughout each phase, we partner with customers to collect regular, frequent feedback and to gather input from both their internal stakeholders and external customers. For speed and agility of creation, the design and develop phases are conducted in successive and repeated fashion, such that the development activities may begin before the design activities are completed.​

Here are some of the activities for each phase:


  • Document the requirements for the materials and align those with program strategic initiatives.
  • Get sign off from Team on the requirements, scope and estimate for the project.


  • Design the initial content layouts using storyboards, mock-ups, and models.
  • Provide a summary document describing the structure of each piece of content, approach, and interactions.


  • Build all courses, incorporating interactive features, storytelling, and animation.
  • Working with the customer, define key performance indicators and that provide evidence of program success.
  • Get signoff from Team on the completion of the design, development and testing phases.


  • In collaboration with the customer, test all materials and reporting to ensure all are working as planned.
  • Deploy the courses into production.
Transform learning and drive your business success with ProMobile BI's systematic analysis and design expertise.