Chuck Sigmund


Chuck is an internationally-recognized thought leader and award winner in the L&D space who holds a Master’s degree in Education, and a Master’s Degree in Economics with a focus on Research and Statistics. He leverages his expertise in quantitative and qualitative research, particularly in the area of evaluating ROI of programs to ensure that all ProMobile projects have measurable business impact.


Paromita Mehta

Sr. Program Manager
Paromita is the glue that holds our team together. She is a world-class Program and Project Manager who interfaces seamlessly with our customers to fully understand their needs and requirements, and can clearly communicate those with our internal team to deliver on our engagements. She brings 20 years experience and expertise as a content creator, course developer and Senior Instructional Designer.

Terry Kliever

Senior Database Administrator / Application Developer
Terry is an experienced database and systems administrator with expertise in data modeling and data system design, software testing protocols, web development, and app creation. This broad range of knowledge allows him to select the best overall solution for the customer. Along with his technical knowledge, Terry holds a Master’s degree in Computer Systems and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Organizational Leadership, enabling him to truly understand the technical needs of the business world.

Tracy O’Connor

Senior UX Designer

As a UX Designer for organizations such as WebMD, Tracy has been responsible for designing innovative, user-friendly web-based and mobile interfaces for a variety of projects.  She is particularly adept at working closely with each customer to identify their specific needs, and creating apps and web-designs to achieve their objectives.  Tracy has a well-rounded knowledge of systems analysis and development, graphic design, and research methodology.

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